Special Inquiries

I am very pleased to announce that we now have Christina Bowman’s excellent tale ‘Special Inquiries’ available to read free of charge. To find the story simply follow the link.

I will be adding more tales over the next few days so watch this space.

5 thoughts on “Special Inquiries

  1. Alway think Klinefelter syndrome, or any other chromosome abnormality, is a cop-out for Trans Fiction. We are what we are. We do not need medical justification. I stopped reading right there.

    Also it was a bit too slow; I’d realized she was trans as soon as the transvestite murder was mentioned. It took too much faffing about to get to the reveal. Life is too short to wait for an author to catch up.

      1. Some people like ‘sissy’ stories, but by your own admission ‘that’ll not do for you’ – to use your vernacular. So, is this place just a fiefdom then?

        There’s also one hell-of-a delay in getting a comment and a story put up. The site seems to have the same feel as Crystal’s. Have I made a mistake?

  2. It’s pretty clear on the home page that this site is about promoting positive depictions of trans characters, so if you visited looking for sissy stories, then yes, you’ve made a mistake.

    1. Yes I read the home page. And, surprisingly I understood it too. My comprehension skills are apparently resisting the advance of time.

      The last thing I want to read are sissy stories. I don’t like them; you don’t like them; we agree on that. I was just pointing out your logical inconsistency. You used an argument ‘other folks like it’ as reason for inclusion of a story with a dreadful cop-out at its start; XXY Klinefelter. You do know that people with the syndrome have low-intelligence? No way could the character hold down the job the story describes. But more than that, the excuse for being trans – for that is what it is – should have no place on a site purportedly about strong trans women. I guess you, and the author, failed to appreciate that.

      I did think I might see a piece of my fiction posted; hence the Crystal and fiefdom references. That site seemed to succumb to an avalanche of posts and slowly became less and less responsive.

      But with all things considered I withdraw my story submission. Please do not post it. This site is not for me.

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