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Here at TransScripts we want to help aspiring trans authors to develop their skills and, hopefully, become successful, published authors. To do that we have a platform here where you can submit short stories, free of charge, for like minded people to read. This will help you build up a following of potential customers. As we all know there are other sites, dedicated to transgender fiction who will publish your story. Sadly those sites tend to be dominated by sissy stories which, whilst perfectly okay in their own right, will never make their way into the mainstream media and if you want to be a success that is where you need to be. It isn’t easy, but it can be done – think of ‘Being Emily’ and “The Danish Girl.”

This is where the second part of our service comes into play. If you have a completed novel we will read it, edit it, recommend any necessary changes and then, as long as it meets our standards, we will publish it for you. We will help you with your cover (we have some great designers), we will make sure all of your copyright and legal declarations are correct and we will get it to the places that will put in front of your readers. To begin with we are restricting ourselves to digital publishing but we do have plans in place to move into physical books in the future.

Now for the best bit. We charge nothing at all up front so there is no risk. For the first 250 books that you sell we will take nothing out of your profits, the retailer will take a percentage but we can’t to anything to stop that, so you will be given a great start to your new career as a writer. Only after you have surpassed that magical 250 figure will we start to get anything back for our work and even then we will only take 10% of your profits. As you can see it is very much in our interests to help you become as successful as possible.

Of course, we can do nothing unless you send us something to read, so whether it’s a short story, a completed novel, or just a chapter of something that you think could develop please use the form below to submit it and let the journey begin.

We promise to read everything we receive and will only reject tales that don’t fit in with our ethos. If that is the case we will inform you.

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