Caught Out

I’ve added a new story in the ‘free stories’ section today. As always, its development was aided by the workshopping-style suggestions of my fellow TransScripts authors. It’s very kind of them to read and comment, allowing me to get the best out of my ideas.

This system really works!

I hope you will enjoy… ‘Caught Out’.

Katerina Hellam’s debut

Just to show that Anna isn’t the only one writing posts here, I thought I’d write a quick note.

Thanks to all the wonderful help I’ve had from the other authors in Transcripts (Anna na Maus, Bryony Marsh, Christine Bowman, Abigail Summer, Rebecca Cross, Dawn, Sam to name a few) I’ve now just published my very first novel on Amazon – ‘Finneas Awakes’. There is a link to buy it (hint, hint) in the books section and I really hope that all who do and read it enjoy my book. 

I’m not sure that I’d have ever published a book without the help and support of the other wonderful ladies here who are all so talented. Gosh it sounds like I’m doing an Oscars acceptance speech here now, but it’s true that this really is a wonderful positive community which lots of super talented authors. 



Hello world!

Welcome to TransScripts Transgender Publishing.

We have two ambitions – to help transgender authors reach their audience and to use fiction to change the way people see the trans community. We are not all desperate to be turned into sissies by our wives, or cuckolded, or turned into prostitutes by some mysterious stranger. The women in our stories are strong, compassionate and, usually intelligent.

It may take a while for us to get everything up and running properly but please have patience and keep popping back to see how we are getting on.